Abstract submissions will be kept open until May 30th 2022.

Instructions for Abstract Submission

Abstract Submission

To submit an abstract for an oral communication or a poster presentation to the 2nd International Conference on Noncovalent Interactions, please create an account (top right corner) and log in with your sciencesconf.org  account.

Then click on "My submissions" and follow the instructions.

Please, use the above template for your abstract submission and name your submission as OC_Name_Surname.doc, if you apply for an oral communication, or PP_Name_Surname.doc, if you apply for a poster presentation (pdf files will be generated automatically).


IUPAC Workshop Endorsement of your communication

The ICNI will host the satellite IUPAC workshop “Interactions involving elements of groups 11, 14, 15, 16 and beyond” on Friday July 22nd afternoon. 

Since no oral communications will be possible during this workshop due to the limited time frame, only invited lectures will take place.

The organizers of ICNI-Strasbourg nevertheless offer the possibility to ICNI oral communication and poster presenters of applying for an endorsement by the IUPAC workshop team at no charge.

Note that the poster session of Thursday July 21st 2022 will be a joint ICNI/IUPAC Workshop session.

Please, if you want your communication or poster to be endorsed by the IUPAC Workshop that will take place on Friday July 22nd 2022 as a satellite event of ICNI-Strasbourg, please enter explicitly the words "IUPAC Workshop endorsement" in the comment area that shows up during the abstract submission.

Communications (oral & poster) with IUPAC Workshop endorsement will hold a special tag.



This website is dedicated to abstract submission for the 2nd International Conference on Noncovalent Interactions (ICNI2022).

The main page of the conference can be found at icni2021.unistra.fr.

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